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L.A.Rive is a 28-year-old artist from Saarland, Germany, who is completely dedicated to pop-punk. L.A.Rive is a mixture of first kiss, first love, first party, first breakup pain and much more. Just in the style of the genre. Whether you are going through all of this or you feel like you are back to your youth. It doesn't matter, just feel it!

After playing drums in a few bands, L.A.Rive decided to produce his own songs, which had been lying in the drawer for far too long. With a good pinch of autotune and thick drum sound it works quite well. L.A.Rive, that's basically just from 'la rive', an inscription of his eau de toilette. It became L.A.Rive and that is supposed to describe the Californian coast. And thus the heart of pop-punk. L.A.Rive, those are songs self-produced in the home studio, a mixture of classic pop-punk and post-hardcore, where the drums massage your belly and the bass has to roll. L.A.Rive prefers emotional instead of feelgood, influenced by bands like Blink 182, BMTH, Silverstein, ...

The biggest goal of L.A.Rive is to inspire people with his music. He wants to appeal to young people again with the genre and make old fans nostalgic.

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